Love Your Haters!

I found In the last 10 years of my wonderful crazy life. When I sit back and recap all my great fu*k ups in my life.I have indeed earned the title of villain.I was not always the most popular person.I was more of the gray dipolmat weaving in and out of people lives raising hell, helping or healing, and yes I mean healing. I have always used the saying.”I Go Where Time Takes Me”, Have been trained in the Royal Art and a Physic reader for last 9years both sides of Light and Dark.After turing Priest and having to reveal my practice to my family.The wonderful church going people they are of course rejected me. Well do I have to explain how that ended. Right! It was one of the hardest paths I had to ever walk, and Im still walking it. I have been rejected by friends, family, so called love ones, and parts of society. I’am not writing this for anyone to feel sorry for me . Fuck no! I writing this to thank them all. If was not for them and their shallow ways,Nverse would not be. I will be hated and looked down upon all the way to the, But its me laughing now!
So Love Your Haters! They make you stronger!
Villain VanMichaels

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