Nverse Why Do U Curse?

Nverse is a not just a trend. We are a clothing line committed to freedom of expression utilizing fashion, for people of all shapes and sizes. We also pride ourselves in using strong language to get our point across. You may be thinking, well why should you have to use profanity to prove your point? Let me ask you this? Have you used profanity when you were joking, angry, sad ,happy of course you have. We all have at some point it’s just in our nature, unless If you’re just one of the 2% of poeple on the planet that just dosn’t curse.I heard of people like that I just havn’t met one yet, but anything is possible.Im not here to judge or be judge by anyone. I live by my own free will. The funny thing is if you break down curse words. Like Fuck. It really means Fornication Under Consent Of The King, dosn’t sound to bad to me. It’s the way we use it makes it seem bad.
Trip on that! Remember! Think before you speak and do me a favor watch your language around your elders and small children, And you thought I was a bad guy.
Villain Out!

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