Not For All!, But Just A Few.

Hey! My villain and villainettes,I’m happy to see so many of you are coming back to our blog to see what other crazy shit we might say next. The road for Nverse Metal/Alternative Clothing Co is very bright. We understand at Nverse clothing that our sense of humor is not for the masses, That is why we stand out! I remember when we first got started, other companies in the industry wouldn’t touch us with a six hundred and sixty-six foot pole.Now we have some many people interested in our fashions, we now seem to have their attention! I say fuck that. Nverse wasn’t good for you then. Why would we be good for you now?. Let me be the first to push my ego to the curb.I designed Nverse for the people in our society that follow the rules, but express themselves in a different manor.Nverse Villainz are the type of people who use their intellect and cleverness in their daliy lives and in their jobs to be successful. These people are the misffits,the punks,villainz,villainettes, computer IT guy and girl who dress extreme with tattoos and piercings all over,and yet they can’t get a dinner reservation tonight, due to the dress code at the fancy five restruant downtown.We are the people,that so many of you sit back and watch, and wonder how could they and Why would they wear something like that OMG! I can tell you why! Because everyday we wake up go out of our way not to be like you.That’s why! Parents remember your MA or Dad May Not like Nverse, But I can guarantee that you teenager has a Nverse T-Shirt. So remember parental figures when little johhny brings home his tattooed fire breathing girlfirend. Don’t be alarmed she probably a straight A

Villain out!

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