All Have The Power, Very Few Will Use The Strenght!

We all have been given a body and a mind that are capable of doing fantastic amazing things. What we do with our thoughts, effects bodies and the way we function and operate in this system of control. How many of you want too become masters of your own domain? That means taking control of your own life through thoughts and actions. How many of you want to change how you look on the outside as well as within. People do not realize that when they make changes on the outside/physical the also need to make changes from within themselves/spirtually or through their own thought process. Changing one aspect of a persons life, for most people it usally just means the phyical, and the spritual gets ignored, without the spiritual this only leads down the path of being unbalanced and confusioned along ones path. If you ignore these rules and do not apply them. You can’t say I didn’t tell you so! Keeping this principle in the from part of your perception in your mind and apply it. You will find more peace in you life and balance.
We are by no means trying to get you to follow Nverse or VanMichaels anywhere, The path I walk is not for most of you and sometime I woud not wish it on my worst enemy. We are just asking you to Think!
Dedicated to My Mentor R.I.P
Sherrie Winnings
All have the power, Very Few Will Use The Strenght!

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