When The Universe Kicked Me!

It’s Funny! When you think you have things planned out and ready to go…..Then universe has a way of saying NO! This is not what you should be  doing….and smacks you on the ass and makes you start all over again somewhere new, then what do you do?….Dust your shit off and make sure you didn’t soil those under garments on the way down when universe just drops these challenges in your life path…..School , Prison or Both? Talking about this planet we call earth..I like to think about earth as being that place that will  tempt me with things that can only be imagined  in my  wildest dreams,  and allow me to get so close it makes you feel like your ready to start living the dream, only to get there only to hear the words. Access denied!, Thank you for showing up. Do I at least get a free T-shirt? !LOl..Shit! Kick rocks right. Well, can’t  win them all right? It funny  how my life just entertains everyone else, but me.  Let me tell ya  is like a comedy movie except everyone else is laughing but me. I’m not a big fan  of reliving  some of my most embarrassing  so called misfortunes and bad experiences. No Thanks! Until  the day comes and I tell the story a year or two later and shit when I hear it,  even I have to fuckin’ laugh…..Life’s My Bitch! and she the only one who won’t leave me Alone.

Adventure! To be Continued.


Villain Out!



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