Villainz Don’t Break! We Bend.

This is the time where we get things kicked  right into gear and go to another level, I want to say to those of  you who have been to keeping up, keeping in contact  with Nverse through the times of total global supremacy on the internet.This is for those of you who helped us to keep this vision  of Nverse alive. Thank you. We are very proud to see you are all here, after all our  hard work  and  challenging obstacles we have gone through  in these past years. It took a lot our blood,  sweat , tears , fears and places of  dark forces including economic resistance. We have the strength to finish out our journey and to give you something  worth holding onto…..

I hold onto the honesty of many of the people that  hold close in my life…No one will never know what I gave up to get here. It’s like burning your own path  on  a trail that you may think  you know the destination,  you have too burn your own  path and you find out that your destination is only 2 degrees slightly off on the chart..What do you do, change course and keep you ass moving until you reach your goal or destination. Villainz!








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