I Get MY Weekly Bit*h

The  reason why we can be so rude, crude and showing so much attitude is that here at NVERSE Clothing come from a line of free thinkers. The point is to think, not so much in the past or the future but in the now….I don’t care if you drink, smoke, or judge your friend of 11 years or curse out a love one close to  you….To me, it’s  all he same. To me, after so much bulls*it over the years,  it seems to me that I’m a person that can change my own destiny,  yet don’t let some other a*swh*le come in and sh*t on my positive thinking before I get to  work. Breath! okay lol.  Now.  This will be a good time to tell all our loyal followers about  one day out of the week on the NEW NVERSE WEBSITE ,  NVERSE wants  to hear about your frustration and trials of you dealing with everyday daily life,  and  your thoughts  one that one day ,  that SOMEONE just  pissed you off in the week or the week before. Coming Soon! On our new website soon to be released, stay tuned! We call  this wonderful moment of venting  frustration “The Weekly Bit*h!”  I  think that it will be fun to see  other peoples responses to the wacky  things that life throws in our path and you will also find  out how ,  not so alone you are.

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