“Here We Are”

” A Company Like Nverse -Villainz We ”

  1. Gives our people Fashion With Expression.
  2. Take no Shit from Competitors using fashion.
  3. Raise The bar for Villainz of all kind.
  4. Keep The minds of the  people fresh and amazed.
  5. Build confidence in cultures uniting the people.
  6. Encourage the youth while progressing in the present in music.
  7. Filling the  needs  to the people in society  left out of fashion.
  8. Yeah! IT’s Nice To Make money, but it’s more rewarding to help true friends.
  9. Nine is Just our favorite number.  LOL!
  10. All of this in our ups and downs, and ins and outs. That’s how we built this company.  That’s what were all about.

Nverse-VIllainz  10 Conmandments


Villain out!

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