“Let Me Share My Nightmare”

I was in the fast lane to launching Nverse Metal/Alternative Clothing Co.

I have invested thousands of dollars over the  years and put it to my business from just working a 9-5 regular job, from copy writing and protecting and trademarking Nverse-Villianz. I was a criminal justice major. I was really good at it keeping straight A average while in school. I ‘m  the type of  person to takes any challenge head on. I found ways to make my business  work, in a system that just did not work for me , but against me.  I could not get any bank to give my a loan due to no credit. I ‘m a  proud father of four wonder children. My first child I had a early age I was only  19 years old when my first son was born. I owed the state of California thousands of  dollars child support  with an interest rate of 21% every month sounds like credit card interest .Right! Taking the knowledge and training I learned in my schooling and strict record keeping I managed to beat legal system and reverse thousands off my credit increasing my credit score. Now I was able to get on the playing field and begin to launch Nverse-Villainz Clothing Co. When I began to start the process for the clothing launch. I received a  call on my cellphone on day from a  Las Vegas police department  stating when they catch me all bets are off… I’m thinking what hell is going on. I looked into it more and found out some asshole stole my Identity and now I have criminal charge on my record for something I never did.  I’m currently in the process of getting this charged removed thanks to my legal Law Firm. I ‘m writing this to let all of my loyal followers know that Identity theft is no joke and is destroying many peoples lives. Protect yourself now! Don’t allow yourself to be next…….Get protected! It’s not as much as you think it is….. All Nverse-Villainz  employees will have this coverage working for us…..



Villain out!




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