“No Matter How Deep Sh*t Gets……I Still Walk it with A Smile”

One day I found myself  on the other side of the fence standing alone and could not figure out why…….Was It something that I did and just did not realize that I may have been being an ass most of my life …..or was it something different…….Well let me tell you it was something different , different in me that wonderful day……. It was me finally standing up for myself and not taking any shit from people trying to tell me how to think, and what I should say to other people  to not make any waves or how I should live and my favorite. How I should not mark my body……..You know for so many years I did follow some of these rules just so I could feel like I had something in common with other people  around me and you know what I got in return? More rules! So now after all the rejection I have received over the years, from jobs, people, family members , and certain groups in society……. You know What I learned ?Who give a shit their still going to talk anyway……..So I try to make it entertaining……It feels good to vent……Life is much better now……..No matter what stay walking with a smile……you’ll live longer…….Lol……


Villain Out!


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