” The Day I Have To Stand Still”

I woke up this morning and was feeling great and could not wait to start my day. I knew in my mind what I wanted to get done today. I get ready and put myself together grab my keys and jump on my bike and take off down the street only to make a few blocks is a couple of minutes, then do I realize that I do not have everything  I need to finish my tasks. Now the frustration is kicking in. Normally I am a real patient person. So I turn around go back to my house and instead of grabbing my things and head back out the door…..I stop and you know when you just get that feeling that something is just not right…..Well today is the day its my turn. So instead of running back out the door to finish my tasks. It drops in my head to read my tarot cards before I decide to do anything else…..I  roll with the spirits! and they have never failed me, So Fu*k what people say…. Follow what  your gut tells you……Have you ever done the opposite and found out that you were right on the first guess and you should have stuck with it……Last time that happened to me I was about to cross the street to go to the store and they told me to wait until the street light turns red even though its green and I can walk with no cars going in the opposite direction…..So I waited and the light turns red and you know what……one car come to a stop at the light and the person behind him was doing at lease 50 mph was not paying attention and hit the person from behind….CRAAAAASH! Hit from behind and when it was all over ,they landed in the spot I would have been standing waiting for the light. If I did listen and follow direction I was given I think I would not be writing this blog for you today…….My tarot cards tell me this is not a good day to do my tasks…..I do light and Dark tarot cards and it funny when both side don’t always get along , but today they both said the same thing……I think I might just stay home today……My tasks can wait one more day it won’t kill me….lol

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