“The Day I Made A Wish”

People who know me realize my potential with Nverse-Villianz Metal/Alternative Clothing
. I finally registered myself as the photographer of my own clothing company….
So keep watching and following us like you have been. I love that so many of you have
sharing your comments and interests in our ideas as we slowly expand this clothing line. Now I like to let all of our fans know that since we are now doing our own
photograpghy, you will be seeing more diversity in our style of clothing with he
images we will being impressing upon Nverse-Villainz Clothing Co…..
So keep them coming.
We have had a lot of people contacting me through central social media…..We had a
few from London and from California……. I loving that we are spreading the word
about Nverse-Villainz around the globe…… It reminds me of our slogan “Roaming where
Angels Fear This Trend” so up the mountain we continue to climb…..I remember that
“The Day I Made A Wish”

Villain Out!
VanMichaels. Check out how it’s done! https://www.dreamstime.com/register#res16279726


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