“The Gathering We Created With Nverse-Villainz”


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I’m loving the diversity of people that are taking  an interest in my photography and in our designs and images. I here to let you all know that we at Nverse- VillainZ are taking the proper steps to assure that we are going to be around for the years to come. We are now averaging about 15 to 20 followers  per day….. Our goal is to get to about 100  followers per day;That is our mission and with your help,  I feel like we can do it..The reason why I titled this one “Free Thinking Is Our Thing”

I highly encourage people to think for themselves; now a days we are use to being told how we should act, think, eat, drink, not drink, smoke, not  smoke, where to smoke, what to think , and how we should feel after it is all done with. Now!I don’t know about you , but for a country that is to be  free. We seem to have the most rules then anyone else on the planet and we never seem to question the powers that be. Villainz are free thinking people that have imagination and creativity that seem that has no limits. I have always been a person to read between that lines and when you do most of the time, this is what u you see …….I will show u . Try this experiment  with me…….Ball up your two fists extend your thumbs out o the sides and stretch your longest finger to the sky  and what do you get…..Lol…..I know…..I’m a lot of things…..Lol  I’m just having fun; it reminds me of my favorite band” Finger Eleven”, If you can’t see the humor in that then have a drink and try reading this again in a couple of hours, but this country dose this to us every day in the form of papers, forms,permits, licenses, taxes etc. Everyday they keep records on us and they do it  with a smile when  we try to get ahead in this life, Sometimes it works with you or against you. Now is that what freedom feels like? It reminds me of the Blog Title

“Villainz Don’t Break We Bend” If you have not read this  yet. Check it Out!

Well at least they Can’t lock up my thoughts…..


Villain Out!




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