“2 Days Ago”

IMG_4311737265759“The Day My Family Found Me”

I have to share this with you, there is always two sides of a coin. I tell many of my readers this all the time….I’m the type of person that see’s opportunity everyday day and  I roam where many people fear to tread. My son calls me and he told me that me dad was looking for me. I thought that he was talking about my sisters dad; only to find out it was my real dad. I was in a  state of shock that kicked me in big way….So many questions  hit my mind all at once….I’m 39 years old now and thank you all who wished me a happy birthday on social media, It really means a lot….So I finally talked to my brother, dad, cousins and nephew. We send pictures, texts, and calling each other daily. I found out  a lot about myself and who my real family is…..And you know what they just like me for who I am and after 39 years they found me……and I’m very thankful……I was told a lot of things growing up as a child and because of my spiritual views I was not the most liked person in the family…….Well who gives a sh*t ……..I have always said if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything………..Stay true to yourself and don’t worry about other people……. They only seem to get in your way……One family dropped me another family found me……. Blessed Be! The funny part Is that They know about my Clothing Line ……..Nverse-Villainz  WoW! What a small World.


Villain Out!


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