“Nverse-Villainz Has Eyes”

received_841362359234698I want to say to everyone who has visited Nverse-Villainz blog. We are still moving forward on another great year. Spring is upon us. I very excited about all the wonderful different types of people opting into our blog and leaving great comments. Thank You all! ,  many people  may think that  our views my be a little obscure and eccenctric, and I say YES! we  have a harsh views on how we view life.  I would have to agree with you ,  we tell things the way we see it.. We here at Nverse-Villainz Metal/Alternative clothing company pride ourselves as free thinkers, our moto is to think outside the box and and operate outside the box , we all have dealt with tons of the continuous mental on rules morality , what seem to feel like a lifetime, of exhausting eccentric training metal conditioning. Yes, I said mental conditioning, From the time we were all growing up as kids, and being raised in proud families,  that type of conditioning. We all waking up little by little as, our lives and things in our life changes.  I think that fits with the way things go in our society, and the way we all being Controlled  literally on what we see and how things make us feel,  This year is a new beginning for Nverse-Villainz . No matter how crazy the delay or struggles either personal or financial, mentally , physically  , spiritually, Any types of Change is hard, good or bad. no matter what Keep your shoulders back and heads aimed high. Oh and Yes! I almost forgot. Nverse-Villainz Now will incorporating Drone Footage in Our Soical Medias. So tell your friends , Lets’s Chat , Please do not forget to opt- in and Follow us on Blog: Vanmichaels2015.wordpress.com or Google: Vanmichaels444 Thank You Villain out!






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