Were Waiting VanMichaels!

VanMichaels Photography:Nverse-Villainz
20151014_131917 I would like to talk about what you might see on Nverse-Villainz Clothing.

If you wondering,  Vanmichaels why in The hell is this taking so long: Well I just wanted to say, I know! I was just having a conversation just today with a close friend of mine, and during the conversation I realized  why it was taking so long.  For the last 12 years I faced everything in the clothing business  From . Oh your just dreaming. people saying how are you going to start a clothing line cost millions where are you going to get that kind of money. Then you hear, Oh my cousin is doing the same thing. I have met so many people doing the something along the lines of Nverse-Villainz. Now I think about it I  was talking to my future competitors, then you run into the occasional non believer that felt like I was just blowing smoke.   Well If I have listened To what everyone else says and don’t follow my own instinct, then I would not be writing you on a blog I made today. So thank you to my non believers. If it was not for you then  I would probably wouldn’t  be doing this and we would still being hang out.   I’m a person who goes where time takes me.   The same goes for my creativity, it can’t be rushed just like fine wine in the making. You have to wait for the right time. Trust me! , with what we have in the Nverse arsenal of designs the wait is well worth it. Soon for those of you who have heard my pitch on Nverse-Villainz Metal/Alternative Clothing Co. You will find the we have enough designs to keep us in business for a long time.  Oh! as a reminder since the launch is coming soon . I know I can hear you all now. When?  We here a Nverse-Villainz  are on the final phase of the complete start up process. So if you have opt in to the blog Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and other social medias connected to Nverse, then we will you will have a surprise  for those of you later. So for now it’s not to late to get your spot in the Nverse-Villainz family. Join today, we are working on videos that will keep you informed on clothing coming out for you on our Youtube channel   . So as myself being the licensed Photographer For Nverse-Villainz, the shot in this post is one of many  is a piece you see above. I took here in Las Vegas, more on the way. Leave comments and tell us what you would like to see more of. Oh one more thing. We built this thing, with all of our flowers in mind, Nverse image created on people just like you, I can’t tell you how many mega companies hit me up wanting Nverse to work with them  in someway, our thing is to keep it for our own and as you follow us. We are separating the fly by night followers from  the devoted  followers from those who are just looking for the next new shinning thing. All are welcome. Maybe after time or after the first  a few pieces of Nverse Clothing  sold and appreciated ,  then others will understand what it means to be a true Nverse- Villain.

Thank You


Villain Out!



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