VillainZ Ball 2018

Hey  to all my Nverse-Villainz and Villainesses,

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived,  2018 is already been a great year for VanMichaels,  the Nverse team and our exciting plans for you. Now it’s time among ourselves to separate the men from the boys, the girls from the gals, and  the hardcore Nverse fans from the spammers.

All of you how have been following Nverse-Villainz for some time.You will be getting the exclusive access to the gateway in the world of Nverse. You will have the opportunity to become an active member of the Nverse-Villainz family,  and to have your name populate the deep list to gain access to “Inside Sewing Circle in spring of 2018.

You will get to know what’s new in Nverse-Villainz a season before the anyone else and to have access to inside fashion information and getting the inside clothing update before the public release. Become apart of the first wave!

  • Inside sewing Circle secrets will follow


( Secret Nvsere-Villainz Event This summer of  2018)

This is an exclusive invitation  event for you in Las Vegas summer 2018

Begin preparation and secure your place your place in the ball, by registering now!

Villain Out!


Nverse-Villainz Metal/Alternative Clothing Co.


*only 1000 available at $18.00 Get yours now! 800

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