Nverse – Vilainz Update!

Hi everyone! Its VanMichaels your Villain with the most! I have been Busting my A*s with the videos and video editing, Yes VanMichaels dose it all. After facebook tanking on the stock market, I know you heard me say this a few times. I’m still pissed. Well what can you do you know. Life in social media goes on.

Now I have been working on prototypes with Nverse-Villainz so the clothing is under construction at This time. I know exciting I think it’s kill me more than you. I can’t wait for all of you to see it. Now Vanmichaels had to expose himself on Facebook crash.

You can also follow our progress on YouTube link: Support The Nverse Youtube Channel

This is the best way to keep up with Nverse Villainz, and Vanmichaels is putting together a Nverse Parkour Team 6 Villainz. Look for it! and subscribe, This channel is brand new and you get to see my crazy A** put in some work doing Parkour her in the new few days.  Watch Villain Vanmichaels And what will do or say Next!

Donate a dollar and Nverse-Villainz gives you a gift back! All you have to do for the one dollar donation is just fill out form and that covers your one dollar donation, and you get put on Vanmichaels Villainz Ball list! Do miss what is coming. This is new I just fished working on it! Get it before everyone dose. Get on the list! Villainz!



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