VanMichaels in 2018 Nverse Metal/Alternative Journey.

I have a lot of wonderful things to share with you all you. I would first like to say thank you all for hanging in there with Nverse-Villainz. This has to be the longest and hardest thing I think I have ever done, But I love the challenge!

Now I would like to share since last month when we lost 300 hundred followers on this blog , due to Facebook tanking on the stock market. The Villainz ball is a real thing.  I know I have not posted in a while, but I have to say the reason for that was due to some a**hole stole my phone in the last two weeks and I had to wait on getting another one. 
So sorry for the wait!
I’m now back!
Vanmichaels has a list building system in place for counting heads for the Villanz ball.
Get on the list and at the same time you also help Nverse by opting into our list your opt-in helps Nverse Villainz and it automatically donates a Dollar for our Cause.
Everyone who opts into this list will get special invitation and will be able to bring a plus one to one of our events!
Villain style!! 


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