Villainz Rising!

Well, last month was a pain, in you know what. Well, we all know the struggle is real.

Now Nverse Villainz I’m happy to Announce all our paperwork is now filed. YEEAH! It has taken me a while to set this all up when I finished one thing and then along comes another then another and it seemed like a never-ending journey.

There were times where I did feel like F*ck it, but then another side of me was like well you came this far why stop now, and that’s what I did. Set once again I happy to announce that Nverse-Villainz is fully Set to print legally, and did I mention that we can now take on employees, That is on an on-demand basis. Right now we Nverse has a youtube channel, make sure you try to find us on Youtube. Look for Villain Vanmichaels on The Curb Show. 

There you will be able to see no in depth what I was going through, make sure you subscribe to that channel and for those of you that opt-in to my channel and hit the like button. Vanmichals is checking his list once or twice. I will have a special surprise, for those people.

Nverse is now in the printing process now and many of you have been dying to see the apparel. Many you of you think I’m Full of Sh*t. Lol.

The waiting you all went through some by me design and other times was just crap hitting the fan. I want to Thank all my supporters, we have a great crowd of people in our organization following us including many celebrities.

If your curious on who they are, find us on Instagram. We also have a Podcast on Anchor. You can listen to my journey and see how Vanmichaels became a Villain. I might be a little hard to find on Youtube because I’m still a nobody on Youtube, but that’s how it starts. You want to find us on all social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc. To get the inside and know where and when to get our clothing when it releases. Which is sooner then you think. Hang in there with me. If this was easy then we would all be doing it. Villainz Fully licensed, Release Will be announced when clothing comes out of print. 

Villain VanMichaels.

Nverse-Villainz Clothing Co. 


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