About VanMichaels

Hello, Villain & Villainettes

I’m VanMichaels,

A title is not too important to me, so here is my introduction of myself. Many of you who have found this site already know who I am and what I’m all about.  For everyone else ! I grew up in different parts of southern California.

I never had a chance to stay in one place very long so moving every 6 months to a year became normal to me after a few years. I was always a dreamer from the time I was a kid and my imagination only grew as I got older. I turned 21 in Lake Tahoe and was wanted to move to Las Vegas. Here is where my life took a big turn. Moving to Sin City! Many of you who are still to this blog may not consider me a friend to this day.

Many of you I treated well and others not too well. I take responsibility for those that feel like I treated them less than a friend,  a person, lover, Familly member, business partner, or associates. I think that nowadays people are only out for themselves especially nowadays in a crazy changing economy. I  can say that for some of you I have been a friend, a witch, a priest, and Savior, For others I”ve been a demon,  devil, foe, anarchist, backstabbing, untruthful Villain.

Now I wanted to write this page and let you all know that I’m still that person that many of you knew as a good person that laughed, played and on occasions partied with. I know that this Clothing line is my life’s work, and many of you know how I struggled to launch this company. Well behold not only are all my obstacles clear, my family and my children are reunited, Nverse doesn’t owe anyone a dime.

We can ensure a successful Launch!

In 2018.

I’m Vanmichaels


Villain Out!

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