Nverse Villainz Domaining


Nverse Villainz will now be spreading the word, on news and events and activities of our company through unique high value domain names. These domains will point out the interest of Nverse Villainz as we spread our knowledge and Art with the world.

Now as we are preparing for the launch of Nverse-Villainz in 2018. You will be seeing a lot more of us and what we are all  about as we spread  on the internet, in places where you thought  we would  never  be. This is why we go by our slogan “Roaming Where Angels Fear This Tread”

Now this means that Nverse Villainz is not only a clothing line ready being fit for release in 2018. We are also In the domaining business as well. Well a lot of you out there maybe wondering, what good what good will this do? Think about it in a digital world its like having a piece of digital real estate.

Now this is Vanmichaels announcement! From this day and moving forward Nverse Villainz will only be conducting business and with individuals  or companies on a contractual basis. This pertains in the area with blogs,websites, campaigns, lead traffic generation, stores or and other services on the internet  that Nverse Villainz TM  may provide, per our legal and our financial advisors.

What does this mean you maybe asking yourself ? Its it very simple.If we have no papers to cover both buyer and seller then we can not do business. This only protects both parties and the integrity of Nverse Villainz as legit business.  Look for us !


Nverse Villainz

Villain Out !