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http://www.warriorforum.com/index.php?referrerid=1717016nVERsE  vILLAINZ  bALL!  Watch or Miss Out !

It has been awesome working, learning, and experiencing life with all of you. Thank you all for coming and visiting daily, a lot of you have put a ton of faith in Nverse when Nverse has had a few dark times. I think sometimes a lot of you thought that we might not make it, and some of you hoped we  DON’T make it.    Everyone else just cheering us on as we trudged in the dark with our dark clothes  sh*t up to our knees, walking in the dark allies.   With just a phone and a laptop and a hell of an idea, Staying in basements and in and out of mom-pop stores. These restaurants whole in the wall places, but great coffee!  Just to write this blog barely to keep our shoes on. Well, now all of that is behind us. In 2018 we have so many surprises for you!   So help your self to be among people like yourself and stay tuned in… more info coming.–

Our Slogan: Roaming Where angels Fear this Trend!

Nverse VillainZ – So do miss the Ball!

Need A Higher ranking Character!  ClIck  Nverse Below


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